Google Pixel 5 – Back on Track

Google Pixel 5 – Back on Track

Yesterday on their September 30 Google ‘Launch Night In’ event, Google has announced their new Google Pixel 5 smartphone for $699 & there’s a lot to talk about. Compared to its predecessor the Pixel 4, Google is focusing less on dramatic new technology like the much-hyped Motion Sense gestures on last year’s model and emphasizing instead the unique features that already help set the Pixel apart, like its stand-out camera software. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pixel 5 and why it is a big deal.

Google Pixel 5

The Design

Google Pixel 5

The Pixel 5 features a design similar to the Pixel 4a 5g with its curve back, flat screen, and a square camera module. The back is made out of aluminum while providing wireless charging and reverse wireless charging with IP68 water resistance. There’s a capacitive fingerprint sensor on the back just like the 4a. The power and the volume buttons can be found on the right and to the bottom, there’s the USB-C charging port with a mono speaker. Unlike the Pixel 4a, there’s no headphone jack on the Pixel 5.

The Screen

Pixel 5 screen

The Pixel 5 features an FHD+ 90hz OLED screen with a small punch-hole on the top left. This punch-hole houses an 8mp f/2.0 selfie camera. Coming back to the screen, this 6.0 inches edge to edge screen has a symmetrical bezel around it. The screen is HDR10+ certified and has support for Always-on. display.

Internal Specs

Snapdragon 765g

Pixel 5 features a mid-tier 7nm Snapdragon 765g processor to keep the price low while maintaining a flagship-like experience. It’s a break from the usual Pixel strategy, which has sought to offer comparable flagship specs to other top Android devices from companies like Samsung or OnePlus, but it also means Google can offer the new phone at a lower price. Pixel 5 comes with only an 8/128gb variant.

The Cameras

Pixel 5 cameras

For the first time in a Pixel phone, there is an Ultra-wide angle camera alongside the main camera. The main camera is a 12mp f/1.7 sensor with Optical Image Stabilization and the second camera is a 16mp f/2.2 Ultra-Wide lens. Photos are exactly what you’d expect from a Pixel flagship with ultra-high dynamic range, natural colors, and great edge detection. Pixel 5’s now supports Night Sight in Portrait mode which means you can take those amazing portrait mode photos even in low light. There’s is new Portrait light mode which can illuminate your face even when they’re backlit against a sunset or have heavy shadows.

Portrait Light

The Battery

Pixel 5 wireless charging

The battery on the Pixel 5 is a 4080mAh cell which is a huge upgrade over the 2800mAh of the Pixel 4. Pixel 5 has a 40% bigger battery compared to its predecessor. There’s this new Extreme Battery Saver which can extend the battery life by 48 hours when its turned on. Pixel 5 supports up to 18W fast charging which ships with the box. There’s also wireless and reverse wireless charging.

To sum it up, the latest Pixel is a bit of a different device than its predecessor. Instead of going for the absolute best specs possible, Google is offering a slightly more modest set of specs and a lower price point: the Pixel 5 will start at $699, a $100 cut from the $799 the Pixel 4 started at. Google Pixel 5 brings the Pixel line up back on its track.

Let us know what you think if the Pixel 5, leave a question in the comments if you have any, and thank you for reading <3

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