PS5 Release Date & Price Revealed!

PS5 Release Date & Price Revealed!

Sony just revealed their PS5 release date and price on their Sept 16 PS5 Showcase and it’s making headlines since.

Since the introduction of Play Station 5, Sony has been showing us a glimpse of the new games for Play Station 5, taking advantage of the console’s next-gen capabilities.

On their September 16 PS5 Showcase event, Sony has announced the price as well as the release date of the new PS5.

Ps5 PricePS5 Release Date







Starting on November 12, PS5 will be available in seven regions: the U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea while the global rollout will continue on November 19.
PS5 Digital Only edition is set to launch at $399 and the Disk version will be launching at $499. There is no specs difference between the two other than having an Ultra Blu-Ray Disk drive.

Alongside PS5, Sony has launched a new lineup of accessories for the PS5. Those are the new Pulse 3d headphone, The Dualsense charging station, the Media remote, and an HD Camera.
PS5 Release Date




Pulse 3d

PS5 Release Date

As the name suggests, Pulse 3d will provide an immersive 3d audio experience for better gaming. Pulse 3d takes the place of the Play Station Gold wireless headset, offering a much better audio experience with its dual active noise-canceling microphone. The Pulse 3d headphone will retail for $99.99




Dualsense charging station

PS5 Release Date

Dualsense charging station is a charging dock where you can charge two Dualsense controllers at once. The controllers connect through a proprietary connector on the charging station. And yes, the charging station does maintain the styling of the Dualsense. The Dualsense charging station will be sold for $29.99


Dualsense Controller

PS5 Controller

Speaking of Dualsense, the Dualsense controller will be sold for $69.99
We have a dedicated article highlighting Dualsense’s design and it’s key features.






PS5 HD Camera

PS5 Release Date

The new HD Camera with its dual 1080p lenses is set to replace the old PS4 camera accessory. This new HD Camera is priced at $59.99




PS5 Media Remote

PS5 Release Date

The last accessory on their lineup would be this PS5 Media Remote. The Media features a built-in microphone for voice commands and four unmarked buttons on the bottom of the remote, possibly remappable.


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