Samsung Galaxy Book S – A detailed overview

Samsung Galaxy Book S – A detailed overview

The Samsung Galaxy Book S is one of the most unique laptops in the market right now. This laptop features Intel’s brand new Lakefield architecture, also known as the Intel hybrid technology which is a major departure from anything that Intel has done in the past. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Galaxy Book S Wi-Fi.

Samsung Galaxy Book S

The design

Samsung Galaxy Book S

Starting with the design, the Samsung Galaxy Book S is unbelievably thin at only 11.8mm thin at it’s thickest point weighing at 950g. This laptop is so light that you might even forget you have this in your bag pack. Samsung has achieved this thin & light form factor by using the Intel Lakefield Processor inside the Galaxy Book S.
The Galaxy Book S has two USB-C ports, one on each side and an audio jack to the left.

The Screen

Galaxy Book S features a 13″ 1080p 60hz touchscreen display with narrow bezels around it.

Galaxy Book S Screen

Just like any other Samsung panels, this display has great color, great viewing angles. The Galaxy Book S has a peak brightness of 600 nits, which is the brightest on any laptop screen on the market. So, outdoor visibility won’t be a problem with this device

The Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Book S is rocking the brand new intel i5-L16G7 Lakefield processor, 8gb LPDDR4X ram, and 256gb eUFS storage onboard for the base model. Everyday tasks like web browsing, checking emails, and some light photo editing can be done by this laptop. But if you’re planning to play games on this device, you may have to look for something else as this device is rocking a power-efficient chipset. The battery however will last long because of the less power consumption by the chipset.

Speaking of battery

Samsung claims the Galaxy Book S will last up to 17 hours of screen on time. But with our usage, the Galaxy Book S lasted around 10-13 hours on average with everyday use which is very good for an Ultrabook this thin. And the Galaxy Book S comes with the same 25W USB-C to USB-C power adapter as the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Keyboard & Trackpad

The keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Book S has a good layout with the square keys and has a great key travel. But the typing experience is a bit mushy.
The trackpad however has no compromises. It has Windows precision driver with a glass surface providing a smooth tracking experience.


Unlike the ARM Galaxy Book S, this intel variant of the Galaxy book has comes with only Wi-fi for network connectivity, missing the LTE connection from the ARM Galaxy Book S. It does however come with the latest Wi-fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 onboard, so there won’t be any connectivity issue at all.

Now, who is this Galaxy Book S for?

Well… for an average person who wants an Ultra-slim & light portable laptop to do basic tasks like web browsing, replying to emails, working on excel and other lightweight tasks, The Galaxy Book S is a great buy.

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